SWMTCHC Weight Management Program

This weight management program is to get you started on journey to lose excess weight, and keep the weight off.  This program consists of monthly checks to measure weight loss, to discuss your weight loss and to continue your weight loss.  This program requires you to make healthy changes, including food choices and exercise.  Monthly visits are required to monitor your progress, or you will not be able to continue this program.  We will not refill medication requests outside of visit.

Taking a pill is not the answer for weight loss.  There are several medicines that are available to help with weight loss.  The primary medication used is Phentermine, taken once daily in the morning.  At some point in your treatment program we may discuss adding another medicine to help facilitate the weight loss such as Topamax, Wellbutrin or Metformin.  None of these medicines are used for primary weight loss, but are used in long term weight management as an adjunct medicine.  If these medicines are used there will be a more detailed discussion at that time.

There are newer medicines available, but they are very expensive: Qysmia; Belviq; Contrave; Saxenda; Victoza.  Because of the costs, these aren’t used in the program.

Weight loss is individual.  No two people are going to lose the same amount of weight in the same amount of time.  Some individuals will lose weight quickly and some will lose weight slowly.  Remember, the goal is to lose weight, not to set a speed record in doing so.  If you need to lose weight in a short time-period, this program is not for you.  If you are worried how your over weight condition affects your overall health and you want to correct that, then this program may be for you.

Exercise is encouraged, and if you don’t already have a regimen, any local gym, such as the YMCA can offer an initial evaluation to start an exercise program.  Exercise is key in helping you to shed the excess pounds.

Diet is key, calories in versus calories out.  If you eat more calories that you burn, then you will not lose weight.  You will receive information on diet and nutrition.  The number one thing to remember is SUGAR is usually the culprit with weight gain.  The best thing you can do to aid weight loss is to avoid sugar.  This includes any sugars added or found in beverages and foods.  REMEMBER, Super-Size portions are not normal portions for anyone.

This weight management program is not a substitute for regular medical visits.  You should continue to see your medical provider for all your routine medical problems.

This is a weight loss and management program.  You must lose weight consistently to remain in this program.