Discounts ~ Sliding Scale

Everybody’s circumstances are different and the SWMTCHC tries to work with the needs of each unique case. These guidelines are used for gross annual pay and family size. Please ask to speak with finance staff or a case manager to figure out your potential discounts.


The SWMTCHC will ask you for Proof of Income: this is a statement that shows what you earn. Accepted forms of proof of income include: a pay stub, unemployment check, food stamps, income tax statements, etc.

Here are a couple examples of how the sliding scale works:

Example One

I’m a mother of two and work 32 hours a week at a job that pays $10.00 an hour. I make $17,920 a year. I do not have health insurance. Looking on the chart for a family of three, you qualify for a significant discount and only pay $20.00 for medical bill at the CHC.

Example Two

I am a family of 2 but I have insurance through my employer but it is a deductible of $3000. I make $12 and hour and work full time ($24,960.00 annually). Looking on the chart for a family of two, you would pay 60% of your CHC bill (or a 40% discount) because your health insurance does not cover anything until it reaches the $3000.00 mark.