Board of Directors

The Southwest Montana Community Health Center (SWMTCHC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 incorporated in 1985. There are 15 Board members who meet monthly as a full board of directors to set direction and policy and ensure the fiscal integrity of the organization. A majority of the Board members use the services provided at the SWMTCHC. At least two members are from the satellite counties. One each from Beaverhead (Dillon) and Madison (Sheridan). There are 4 committees that also meet monthly and report at the full Board meeting: Executive committee, Finance committee, Policy and Planning committee, and Performance Improvement committee.


The Board of Directors and Officers are:

Perry Hawbaker
Bruce Smith
Wayne Harper
Ann Finch Johnston
Janelle Handlos
Mark Rosenleaf
Joanie Cassidy
Gretchen Geller
Pat Noonan
Tamara Todd
Amy Jo Kibler
Tammy Hicklin-Estabrook
Sarah Sexton
George Skuletich